About us

Professional and innovative training. 54 certified training programmes. Long time experience since 1993.

Tavo mokymai – is an adult training, attestation and competence development centre established in 1993;
The centre provides modern facilities for theoretical and practical training courses delivered by an effective team of highly-qualified vocational instructors, classroom lectors and practice supervisors who have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in relevant field.

We are a flexible, dynamic, competitive organization possessing a training licence for 54 programmes, therefore we are able to offer a wide range of training programmes, assist in employment of our trainees after completion of the training courses as well as unemployed persons.

The key factor of our success is effective team work and close collaboration with customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Training is provided under formal and non-formal programs of vocational training.

We provide training for adults seeking to acquire a profession or to develop already acquired qualification:

  • the unemployed sent by the labour exchange;
  • staff members sent by their employer;
  • persons enrolled for the courses on their own initiative.

Why choose us?

  • long-term experience since 1993
  • 54 certified training programmes
  • professional and innovative training courses

Mission. What is our purpose?

  • to ensure that qualified staff becomes valuable resource to guarantee business success.

Vision. What do we strive at?

  • to be a reliable and long-term partner by offering high-value and high-quality training courses for staff of companies.

The educated person is one who knows how to find out what he does not know.

German philosopher George Simmel

Having completed the vocational education programmes, trainees are issued:

  • state-recognised vocational education diplomas;
  • state-recognised certificates;
  • certificates in the form established by the training centre.


    • It means the gathered knowledge, acquired skills and continuous learning, sharing best practices with customers, colleagues and partners.


    • Our aim is to lay the groundwork for the highest results in future through collaboration and sharing best practices as well as for creation of a positive working climate based on mutual understanding.


    • We are continuously growing, developing and learning; we are open to innovations and strive for the best solutions to our customers.


    • We make responsible decisions by assessing their impact on the company, staff, partners, customers. We do not make promises we can’t keep.


Training programmes

Training is provided under formal and non-formal programs of vocational training

Training programmes for the construction industry:

  • Finisher
  • Painter
  • Stone-mason
  • Tile layer
  • Plasterer
  • Supervisor of construction works performed by auxiliary tools

Training programmes for soil excavation and work in wells:

  • worker working in wells and other underground structures, confined spaces
  • worker performing soil excavation, reinforcement and other works in excavations and pilings
  • Supervisor of excavation, reinforcement and other works performed in excavations and pilings
  • Supervisor of the works in wells and other underground structures, confined spaces

Training programmes for work with pressure vessels and piping:

  • Operator of pressure vessels
  • Specialist in pressure vessel maintenance
  • Specialist in pressure piping maintenance
  • Specialist in dangerous substances piping maintenance
  • Specialist in dangerous substances reservoir maintenance
  • Specialist in steam and hot water piping maintenance

Training programmes for compressor maintenance:

  • Specialist in air compressor maintenance
  • operator of refrigeration compressors

Training programmes for welders:

  • electric welder
  • gas welder

Transport and crane training programmes:

  • Fork lift driver
  • Loader driver
  • Electric loader and trolley driver
  • Truck crane operator
  • Operator of crane lifting (hydraulic manipulator)
  • Slinger/signaller
  • Car lift operator
  • Specialist in lifting equipment maintenance
  • Supervisor of crane lifting works
  • Operator of lifting platforms and their gear
  • Specialist in maintenance of unregistered hoisting equipment
  • Ground-operated overhead crane operator
  • Self-propelled platform hoist operator
  • Construction site hoist operator
  • Overhead crane operator
  • Operator of compressors up to 14 kW capacity
  • code 95 initial qualification of drivers of motor vehicles for the carriage of goods ( to be acquired in urgent procedure)
  • code 95 periodic training of drivers of road vehicles for the carriage of goods (periodic upgrading of professional skills)
  • initial professional code 95
  • periodic code 95

Training programmes for work at height:

  • Workers working at height 
  • Supervisor of work at height

Training programmes for lift operators:

  • Wide-profile specialist in lift maintenance
  • Wide-profile lift operator

Carpenter/joiner training programs:

  • Training programme for carpenter’s primary knowledge and skills
  • Carpenter
  • Operator of timber processing machinery
  • Training program for joiner’s primary knowledge and skills
  • Joiner

Boiler maintenance programs:

  • Specialist in medium-pressure boiler maintenance
  • Operator of medium-capacity steam and water heating boiler
  • Specialist in charge of boiler rooms operated without permanent maintenance staff
  • Operator of automated boilers fired by gas and liquid fuel
  • Specialist in maintenance of steam (up to 0,05 MPa) and water heating (up to 110°C) boilers
  • Stoker of steam (up to 0,05 MPa) and water heating (up to 110°C) solid and liquid fuel boilers

Flammable gases training programme:

  • operator of use of flammable gas and oxygen for domestic needs

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